How to download Data in Custom Form fields in LeadMaster

Downloading Data in Custom Forms

There are two ways to download custom form fields:

1. You can include the Custom Form fields when you create a Custom Report:

  • Select Create Custom Form from the Reports menu tab on the homepage
  • Report Name – Unique & Identifiable ex. Wgname-report name-creators name
  • Select a Report Type from “Report On” dropdown menu
  • Initially, while creating/testing select “No” for the “Is Public” option
  • Leave “Report Sequence” blank
  • Select which Workgroup(s) on left where you want the Custom Report be available and “Add” to the right “Assigned To:” box
  • Click Next
  • Select from the “Available Fields” on the left and “Add” to the right “Fields in Report” box
  • Click Next
  • On the “Design Report – Choose Default Sort” select the field(s) you wish the report to be sorted
  • Click Next
  • On the “Design Report – Include Custom Form Fields” screen select whether you would like to
    add fields from a custom form.
  • On the Custom Form Fields screen select the type of Form and  Click Retrieve Select Form
  • When the Form displays select the questions you wish to include in your report then click “Next” when finished

2. Add Custom Form fields in Download Templates from the Accounts Page

  • Go to Accounts page
  • Click “Manage Download Templates” at the bottom of the page
  • You can either select one of the previously defined download templates or you can create a new one.  To create a new template click on “Add Download Template”.
  • Customize which basic fields would you like to be included then click “Save Changes”
  • The system will ask if you wish to download additional information from Registration and Web Forms.
  • To include fields from the custom form associated with your selected records (e.g. answers to survey questions), click Yes.
  • From the Registration/Web Form drop-down list choose the form from which you would like to include responses (you may only choose responses from one form per download).
  • Select and deselect responses as desired and then press the Save Changes button
  • The fields listed on Custom Download page are controlled by the Downloadable Fields function in Administration.
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