Troubleshooting Click to Call Phone Numbers

If you’ve turned on phone number hyperlinks in both the workgroup and logon privileges and the phone numbers still don’t dial when you click on them the issue may be that the user is configured with the Edit Profile as their default page.  

When a user is configured with the Edit Profile page as their default (in My Account), they enter the Record / Smart Queue on the Edit Profile page which allows editing of phone numbers.  This means the phone numbers don’t show up as links like they do on the Sales Update page or the Search Results pages.

There are four solutions for this.
1)  Click on the phone number in the ‘Additional Contacts’ section on the Edit Profile page – this phone number is displayed as a link.
2)  Set the Sales Update page as the default in the ‘My Account’ settings
3)  Use your mouse to highlight the number, right click and copy – this will send the phone number to the click dialer and begin dialing.
4)  In the Click Dialer, click on the + sign to open the configuration panel, in the lower left hand corner click on the H, save and close the configuration panel.  Now click and drag over any phone number and it will automatically begin dialing that number.

If you are clicking on the hyperlinked numbers but they aren’t being sent to the soft phone it’s also possible that Windows is preventing it.  Click on the control panel and search for UAC.  You should see the Action Center.  Click on change User Account Control settings and pull the slider down to the lowest level.  That will allow communication between the browser and the soft phone.

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