Campaign Management

The Campaign Management function is where you set up the marketing campaigns. Organizing records by campaign makes it easy to: 1) establish ROI on marketing investments, 2) search and 3) assign records.

Provided you have the access privilege, you get to Campaign Management via the Administration or Campaign function in the top banner of the application. Campaigns can be Added, Edited and Deleted via this function. 

The Campaign record contains a lot of marketing type of information that can be stored and retrieved regarding an individual campaign.  There are two mandatory fields: Campaign Name and Campaign ID. The Campaign ID must be unique within the workgroup. It is important to note that the application internally stores the Campaign ID in the individual record in the database and does a table look up to display the Campaign name. This allows for the user to change the Campaign name at any time.

There are two special custom forms that can be dynamically associated with a particular campaign: Feedback and Sales. These are inline forms.

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